This Terms are a contract between the client and the designer and must be adhered to by parties in order to guarantee the rights of both parties

The terms of the contract are as follows:

First Term

The designs designed by us are the property of the customer, and we are not entitled to sell any design or logo again to any person, institution or company. Rather, it is impossible to sell a design belonging to any person, institution or company as long as we receive the full amount from the customer

The second Trem

An agreement is made with the client on all the details, which will be presented after reviewing this agreement, reading its clauses well, and approving them. After approving the clauses, we move to the stage of discussing the project details.

Term No. 3

After the discussion mentioned in the second item, we will receive the value of the agreement concluded in the offer, which we will send to the customer after agreeing on these items, and the payments will be as follows:

  • 50% of the amount agreed upon before starting work is sent as an initial payment
  • After finalizing the designs and obtaining a text or voice approval from the customer on the designs, we send samples of the designs to the customer for inspection. Upon receipt of the rest of the amount (50% remaining), the designs are sent to the customer.

Term No. 4 (Amendments Policy)

In the case of logo design
After discussing the idea of the logo according to the client’s desire and the client’s clarification of the request specifically from the designer, a visualization is made for the client according to the summary provided by the client (Brief). It is preferable that this summary be available in text or a clear audio recording (Brief is not required)
After presenting the logo to the client, it is discussed. In case of acceptance, no other concept is made. In case of rejection, the reasons for rejection are discussed and another concept is created with a different idea, according to what we reach after discussing the problems of the first logo and the reasons for its rejection.
In the event that the two logos are rejected, the client does not recover the 50% previously paid, and in the event that he wishes to design another logo, 30% of the agreement value is paid.
In the case of other designs
The customer is allowed only 3 modifications (it is preferable to send the modifications in a Word or text file or via the designer’s e-mail or an audio recording via social media conversations) and any additional modification after that will be for an additional amount determined by the designer

Term No. 5

No amount will be refunded to the customer if work on the designs is completed and the customer has not approved them. Otherwise, any amounts paid by the customer will be refunded.

Term No. 6

If the customer does not approve of the design and wants another design, the 50% previously paid amount will not be refunded. If he wishes to make a new design, 30% of the total will be paid for the new design.

Term No. 7

Any design that the customer does not approve of, this design is considered the property of the designer and he has the right to dispose of it as he pleases, such as selling it or displaying it on the Internet

Term No. 8

Any increase in visual identity elements will be agreed upon separately

Term No. 9

All designs designed by us are displayed in our business gallery without referring to the client, but a period of two weeks is allowed after the completion of the work, and then the work is displayed in the exhibition in a way that does not affect the client or the confidentiality of his business. Unless otherwise agreed in the notes attached to the contract

Term No. 10

In the event that the customer’s response is 30 days late, the agreement will be canceled and what has been paid will not be returned.

Term No. 11

In the event that the client wants to cancel the contract after 3 days have passed, the first payment will be non-refundable, and in the event that the designer wants to cancel the contract, he shall refund all the amount paid to him to the client

Term No. 12

(designer obligations)
The designer undertakes not to divulge any work secrets that would intentionally harm the client.
The designer undertakes the authenticity of the work presented to the client and that it has not been copied or used before.
The designer undertakes to deliver the design in the open format and printing formats, unless otherwise agreed in the notes attached to the concluded contract.
The designer undertakes to respond to the customer within a maximum period of 24 hours for any inquiries.

(customer obligations)
The customer undertakes to provide all the work requirements required for the completion of the work as described in the fourth item.
The customer undertakes to respond to the designer within a maximum period of 24 hours.
The client undertakes, in case he wishes to terminate the contract, to pay the full amount to the designer if 70% of the time agreed upon has passed, in the absence of any default from the designer regarding the agreed work.
The customer is obligated to pay the value of the additional period due to the large number of modifications or the delay in the response. Spelling errors and wrong texts that the customer sends without review are the responsibility of the customer, and the designer is not responsible for any linguistic errors at all.

After submitting the application, it will be reviewed and an offer will be sent that contains all the details of the final contract and agreement on the work, and it contains a detailed price offer and the duration of the work implementation so that everything is clear.

This offer is a contract between you and us, to which both parties are bound

If there is a comment or inquiry, please contact me

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